Workshop – The Art of Fermentation

Workshop – The Art of Fermentation

Join Raw Chef Anita Edwards to learn the ancient Art of Fermentation, a style of food preparation that was essential for thousands of years. You’ll learn how to make a number of delicious and healthy recipes that can help the body achieve optimal health, particularly when it comes to digestion.  The workshop will take place at Anita’s beautiful family farm and resort, The Tree of Love in Manjimup. 

When : 9:30AM – 12:00PM, Saturday September 23rd

Where : Tree of Love Resort & Avocado Farm

Cost : $60

Contact : Anita Edwards – 0416 359 922 or

Anita Edwards has been working in the organic food and health industry for 15 years, and is as passionate about the well-being of humanity as anyone you’ll ever meet. She has explored pretty much every facet of the industry and her vast knowledge shows this diverse experience. From owning her own Raw Organic cafe to teaching Yoga and exploring innovative Bio-Dynamic farming techniques on her Avocado farm in Manjimup in Western Australia, Anita truly practices the healthy lifestyle she teaches.  

She has trained with some of the industry’s foremost experts, having received her Raw Chef Certification from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Academy and her Body Ecologist training from world renowned fermentation expert Donna Gates. Most recently she started her own fermented vegetable and health food brand, Loving Gift, which she runs out of her farm, The Tree of Love Resort.