A Short Guide to Detoxifying Your Body

A Short Guide to Detoxifying Your Body

When you set out on a path to improve your health, the first step is usually to detoxify. If you’re going to build a new house, you have to make sure the foundation is clear and stable first. There is a huge amount of information out there about this and it can be overwhelming. So today I’m going to give you a short guide about detoxing to help you on your path.

1. Start Slow

If you’ve been eating McDonald’s every day for 10 years and then you suddenly switch to a fully raw diet overnight you’re going to encounter a lot of difficulties. It’s better to ease into this change. Start by replacing that highly processed fast food burger with a home made organic free range one using sourdough buns and a salad for an appetizer instead of fries. Add one raw meal every other day to your diet for the first week, then up it to one per day the second week and keep adding more as you feel works best for you. Eventually you’ll be able to eat exactly how you want and feel great doing it.

2. Find Friends to Join You

It’s no secret that most things are generally harder to do alone. If you have a friend or loved one to join you on this journey who can support you through tough times your entire process will be easier and more joyful. It will also lessen the load in terms of learning as two minds are better than one. Lastly, you can have a lot more fun in the kitchen with a partner!

3. Alkalize

One of the main health problems in our society is that we eat way too many acidic foods. Our body needs to have an alkaline ph level in order to digest nutrients optimally and fight off disease. Most diseases thrive in an acidic environment, and die in an alkaline one. So one of the first steps to detoxifying the body is to start eating lots of alkalizing foods. We’ve just published a Free E-Book on this subject, which you can get by signing up to our newsletter at the link below :

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4. Stimulate Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is responsible for moving toxins out of the body and our modern lifestyle often leaves it stagnant. So here are a few ways to get it moving :

This is a no brainer. Get the body moving and all the systems in it move.

Cold Water
New research being done by the pioneer known as the Ice Man, Wim Hof, is showing that Cold Exposure is one of the most powerful healing methods on the planet. There’s a reason why ancient holistic systems like Ayurveda advocate taking cold showers. While it may be uncomfortable at first, you will feel refreshed and energetic afterwards. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can start doing ice baths.

Jumping on a Trampoline
Much more fun than cold showers, this childhood favorite pastime actually pumps the lymphatic system. Don’t let your kid have all the fun, jump start your immune system and have a laugh!

5. Fast

Once you’re ready to start making big moves, there’s no better way to detox than by fasting. A recent study by the University of Southern California showed that just 3 days of fasting can allow your entire immune system to reset. The benefits are endless and powerful. But remember to refer back to #1 on this list before you jump into a long fast. Start by trying out one day, or even just skipping a couple meals one day before you do a long one. Then make sure you’ve done your research properly, be well prepared, give yourself a quiet, stress-free environment and have access to medical support in case something goes wrong before you start on a longer one.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!
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