Cultured foods have been an integral part of the healthiest diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long, healthy life.



Cultured foods have been an integral part of the healthiest diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long, healthy life. They give birth to a lavish inner ecosystem, building resistance to infections, and greatly enhancing digestion. They are ideal for appetite and weight control, very alkaline and cleansing to the blood. Cultured Vegetable Starter contains the following beneficial bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis
  • Lactococcus lactis ssp. cremoris
  • Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis biovar. diacetylactis
  • Leuconostoc mesenteroides ssp. cremoris
  • Lactobacillus kefyr


Culture starter ferments vegetables and cream into delicious-tasting probiotic food. It’s the most economical way to maintain the flora in your digestive tract. Cultured foods with enzymes are easier to digest than raw foods and have a valuable probiotic effect.
Benefits of culturing your favorite vegetables:

  • Enhanced nutrient value… More vitamins and Minerals for you;
  • Helps control cravings for sweets,
  • A valuable addition to any weight-loss program,
  • Helps pregnant and nursing mothers transfer beneficial bacteria to their infants,
  • Adds beneficial Lb. Plantarum


Benefits of culturing fresh, organic cream:

  • Breaks down the fat in cream so it is easier to digest
  • Can be easily whipped into microflora-rich butter.


Cultured vegetables are made by shredding cabbage or a combination of cabbage and other vegetables and then packing them tightly into an airtight container. They are left to ferment at room temperature for several days or longer Friendly bacteria naturally present in the vegetables quickly lover the pH, making a more acidic environment so the bacteria can reproduce. The vegetables, become soft, delicious and even healthier.


Add one foil starter packet to one pint of pure, organic cream to make delicious sour cream. Whip the cream to make the best-tasting whipped butter you’ve ever tasted. You can flavor the butter with garlic, herbs, sea salt or even stevia.
While complete instructions and special tips are included with the packaging,ensure that the mixing bowl, electric beater, and sour cream are chilled before you begin making your butter.


Shelf life is 8 months from the manufactured date, or longer when stored in a freezer.

Important legal note: Though we are happy to provide products and services which will help you to improve your health and well being, we do not ‘treat’, or aim to ‘cure’ any disease. Under Australian law only a medical doctor may ‘treat’ illness and disease with a medical origin. This product is not sold for human use. The information in this web page is for information purposes only.

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