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Natto Starter Spores.

This is a dried powder and the 3 gm will make 30 k of soybean Natto


Natto Starter Spores.

Weight: 3gm (Kit Form)

We post these out with no problem. This is a dried powder and the 3 gm will make 30 k of soybean Natto

We will send you instructions on how to use.

If your new to Natto and not to sure what it is …..then you have come to the right place to learn something new!!


What is Natto?

 Natto is a cultured bean product, most often made from soybeans. It originated in Japan and is known for its slimy, stringy texture and pungent odor. Natto is a popular breakfast food, served over rice and complemented by pickled vegetables. In today’s trend toward cultural fusion, natto is used in a wide variety of foods, such as pizza, pasta, Sushi, Natto toast and Natto miso soup.


 What does Natto taste like?

 Despite its strong odor during culturing, Natto does not have an overwhelming taste unless it is aged. In plain Natto, most people are more aware of the texture than the taste. The strands are slimy and leave a residue easily.

 What is in Natto?

 Most often, Natto is made with soybeans. The beans are inoculated with Bacillus subtilus natto, also known as Natto-kin in Japanese. Commercially, Natto tends to have additives such as soy sauce, sugar, flavor enhancers and preservatives.


Sometimes soybeans are crushed and fermented. This is called ‘hikiwari nattō’.

Non-GMO Organic Soybean Natto

Country of Origin : Japan



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Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 3 cm

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