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Goji Majic Cultured Vegetables

Raw cultured vegetables have been around for thousands of years, but we have never needed them more than we do today.


Goji Majic Cultured Vegetables

500 Grams

This Goji Magic cultured vegetables have been around for thousands of years, but we have never needed them more than we do today. Rich in lactobacilli and enzymes, alkaline-forming, and loaded with vitamins, they are an ideal food that can be eaten  with every meal. We personally all love it and consume it as often as we eat!

Since they are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Dutch seamen used to carry them to prevent scurvy. For centuries, the Chinese have cultured cabbage each fall to ensure a source of green through the winter (if they have no refrigeration). Cultured vegetables are a favorite food of the long-lived Hunzas. Yogurt ads lead us to believe that eating yogurt ensures a long life but it’s really the active cultures of friendly bacteria (lactobacilli) in the yogurt that are responsible for the health of these people. Similarly, the friendly bacteria (lactobacilli) in the yogurt that are responsible for the health of these people. Similarly, the friendly bacteria, the enzymes, and the high lactic acid in raw cultured vegetables add to health and longevity.

They taste tangy. It may be a new taste for you, but you will soon feel that no meal is complete without them. Even better, since they are all-vegetable, they combine with either a protein or a starch meal. They are slightly to the expansive end of the expansion/ contraction continuum, so they help balance the contractive nature of animal foods and sea salt. So what exactly are raw cultured vegetables?

They’re sauerkraut. The Austrians coined this word, from sauer (sour) and kraut (greens or plants). But we call them raw cultured vegetables, because we don’t want you to mistake them for the salted and pasteurized sauerkraut sold in supermarkets  and even some health-food stores.  That kind of sauerkraut  because it is pasteurized. The pasteurization (heating) process destroys precious enzymes, and the added salt eliminates any health benefits. We’ll teach you how to make these delicious raw cultured vegetables without heat or preservatives.


  •   Raw cultured vegetables help reestablish your inner ecosystem.
  • The friendly bacteria in raw cultured vegetables are a less expensive alternative to probiotics
  •   They improve digestion.

Knowing the benefits of raw foods, you may have decided to include raw vegetables with each meal.  Cultured vegetables are already pre-digested. This means that even before they enter your mouth, the friendly bacteria have already converted the natural sugars and starches in the vegetables into lactic acid, a job your own saliva and digestive enzymes would do anyway. The enzymes in the cultured vegetables also help digest other foods eaten with them.

  •   They increase longevity.

You could think of the friendly bacteria in raw cultured vegetables as little enzyme powerhouse. By eating the vegetables, you will maintain your own enzyme reserve and use it to eliminate toxins, rejuvenate your cells, and strengthen your immune system – which all adds up to a longer, healthier life.

  •   They control cravings.

Homemade cultured vegetables are ideal for appetite control and thus weight control. The veggies help take away cravings for the sweet taste in pastries, colas, bread, pasta, dairy fruit, and other expansive foods not on the Diet.

  •   They are ideal for pregnant and nursing women.

Pregnant women should eat cultured vegetables to ensure their ecosystems will be rich in friendly bacteria. They vegetables also help alleviate morning sickness during the early part of the pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the mother should continue eating the vegetables and drinking the juice. And the liquid from the cultured vegetables can be fed to the baby in tine spoonfuls to relieve colic.

  •   Raw cultured vegetables are alkaline and very cleansing.

They help restore balance if your body is in a toxic, acidic condition. Because they do trigger cleansing, you may have an increase in intestinal gas initially as the vegetables stir up waste and toxins in the intestinal tract.


It can be shipped out as long as it gets to a fridge as soon as it arrives.

This product is certified Organic. It is Australian made and it is made in the South West OF Western Australia.

Ingredients, Cabbage-Kale-garlic-Ginger-Goji Berries- Body Ecology probiotics-carrots-High Mineral Salt 

Information from Body Ecology.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 150 x 120 x 200 cm