A New Member of the Loving Gift Family

A New Member of the Loving Gift Family

Hi There!

My name is Jonny and I’m very excited to announce that I am Loving Gift’s newest contributor. Anita and I have been friends since meeting at Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Raw Chef Academy in Bali a few years ago, where I used to work as a Raw Food Teacher and Food Blogger for www.RawFoodBali.com

I’ve been teaching people how to make Raw Food for about 3 years, focusing on recipes for a smooth and easy transition to the lifestyle, and specializing in delicious raw desserts to make you forget about the less than healthy cooked ones that dominate the supermarket aisles and bakeries of the western world.

For the last 3 months I’ve been working on her Organic Farm, enjoying the delicious fresh veggies and the laid back country lifestyle, and am really grateful that I will continue to be a part of her lovely organization even after I leave. 

I’ll be writing some blog posts about healthy living, ingredients and raw food as well as helping out with the behind the scenes web stuff, and am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you.

So keep an eye on this space and goodbye for now!