Looking for a Chef or Consultant.

If you are holding a retreat for a week or a weekend and you are looking for a Raw or Plant based Chef Anita is very experienced at providing healthy meals. She has a huge reperture of menus so there is lots to choose from. Anita also travels to events which she can cater for small groups or very large groups of people.

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Absolutely beautiful, tasty and thoroughly enjoyable.

December 7, 2014

Going for a cruise on a boat/yacht

Anita has extensive experience working on yachts and boats. She used to own a catering company in New Zealand catering for boats. Sometimes she went out for a week with guests or just dropped off the food at the docks. Americas Cup was a very busy time for her and it was loads of fun.! 

Are you opening up a Cafe or Juice bar?

We have experience in setting menus and setting up kitchens. As well as working on systems that need to be implemented. We can come to you or we can schedule skype appointments.


 I hold different workshops throughout the year. Please keep an eye on the events page

If you are looking for someone to teach a Raw or Plant based food workshop then

Please contact me here

Workshops include:

Sweet Treats

Raw Chocolate Making

Raw Desserts



Japanese Sushi Making

Cultured Foods and Drinks

Healthy Lunch Boxs

Juices and smoothies.

Or design your own.!