Coconut Kefir

Coconut Kefir.
This Coconut Kefir is a healthy tonic that I like to have every other day. Its very easy to make. Kefir is a healing food that is made by culturing a starter. By drinking on a regular basis it helps to clean up our colons, improve digestion, cultivate friendly flora and it helps to reduce food and sugar cravings. It helps to strengthen the immune system and it helps our bodies reverse the aging process by breaking down undigested proteins. Kefir is a complete protein, and it is an excellent source of amino acids and enzymes as well.
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  1. I use Donna Gates Kefir starter. If you cannot get fresh coconuts then you can buy 100% coconut water from the supermarkets.
  1. Warm the liquid you will be using. (You only need to do this in winter.)
  2. Add the Kefir and let sit in a warm place. During the summer it only takes a couple of days to ferment. In the winter it can take up to five days.
  3. Put into fridge when ready and this will slow the fermentation down.
  1. It should be like a nice refreshing drink and when you open the lid it should fizz.
  2. You can keep the first batch in the fridge and just use a quarter of a cup for future ferments. So it lasts a long time.
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