5 Hemp Seeds Benefits and a Raw Hemp Balls Recipe

5 Hemp Seeds Benefits and a Raw Hemp Balls Recipe

As the world’s health consciousness continues to rise we are consistently re-discovering amazing foods that have been forgotten for long periods of time during this modern health crisis of processed, artificial “foods”. One of the most powerful of these is Hemp Seeds. It was one of the most important foods and building materials throughout the world for thousands of years before being vilified in the early 20th century and made illegal in many countries. Luckily it is regaining popularity, so today I will share with you 5 Hemp Seeds Benefits as well as a recipe for Raw Hemp Balls.

5 Hemp Seeds Benefits

  1. Hemp Seeds are packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    And they also happen to have the ideal ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s; 3:1. Particularly for people on a raw vegan diet, making an effort to eat lots of Omega 3s can be a tricky one. It’s much less common than Omega 6s, especially in vegan foods, so maintaining that 3:1 balance can be difficult. Hemp Seeds are one of the best ways to do that, as they can be added to all sorts of recipes like smoothies, protein & energy balls, sauces and dressings.Having an imbalance of Omega 3s vs. Omega 6s in the body can cause inflammation, which is one of the root causes of many ailments, so helping to fix this ubiquitous health issue is arguably the most important of the many hemp seeds benefits.
  2. Complete Plant Protein
    If you’re on a vegetarian diet you’re probably quite fed up of hearing your meat eating friends and family tell you that you aren’t getting enough protein. Well they might not listen, but you can rest assured that if you add hemp seeds to your diet you probably won’t have any issue with protein levels. They are one of the most dense plant proteins at 25%, as well as a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. So they work incredibly well as a base for a protein powder, which we sell in our shop
  3.  Healthy for the Heart 
    Another one of the many hemp seeds benefits is how healthy they are for your heart. This is due to their containing two powerful nutrients that combat heart disease; GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and the amino acid arginine. GLA can reduce inflammation, which is practically always present in people with heart disease, and arginine has been shown to lower blood pressure.  
  4. They’re Good for Digestion
    Hemp Seeds are chocked full of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which are both key for keeping a constant smooth digestive flow. They are technically not allowed to be sold as human foods in Australia in New Zealand, but they are a great addition to your pet’s diet as well. We recommend sprinkling them on top of their food. You can purchase them here.
  5. One of the Most Nutrient Dense Foods on the Planet
    Getting all the nutrients you need in your diet isn’t always the easiest task, so choosing foods that are nutrient dense is important. Hemp Seeds are just completely jam packed with nutrients and have been considered a superfood for thousands of years, particularly in China, a country known for its ancient knowledge of health and the human body. Along with all the awesome components we’ve already mentioned, Hemp Seeds have tons of vitamins and minerals in them, such as Calcium, Iron, and a ton of B-Vitamins.And this list of hemp seeds benefits barely even begins to cover how many other health issues they can help with. So the basic gist is… eat them! Now i’ll share with you one easy way how you can add them to your diet.

Raw Hemp Balls Recipe

This recipe is quick to make, stores well, and is a great snack for any time of day.
¾ cup Honey (Ideally Raw)

2 cups Hemp Seeds

10 drops Banana Essence Medicine Flower Extract

2 cups of Fine Shredded Coconut

6 drops of Vanilla Extract

1 cup Raw Cacao Powder

Pinch of salt

½ to 1 cup of Melted Coconut Oil


  1. Melt the coconut oil and then measure
  2. Put everything into a food processor and blend until you get a nice consistency.
  3. Roll into balls that weigh about 40 grams each.
  4. Place in fridge to set